Ruschuk ship – an attractive opportunity for a cruise along the Danube

The residents and tourists in the city of Ruse can already use the services of the newly launched Ruschuk ship for a cruise along the Danube river. Until a couple of years ago the ship had been catering tourists on the Silistra quay, under the name of Drastar, before it was bought by Dunavski dragazhen flot JSC in 2015, which updated it and launched it. There has not been such a cruise ship in Ruse in the past ten years, and the passengers of Ruschuk will be impressed by the perfect service and the politeness of the whole staff.

The ship is one of the greatest attractions in the region. Tourists will be able to use it both for local cruises on the Danube, as well as for trips and time charters.

The renovated vessel has provides attractions and places for recreation and relaxation during the trip. There is an indoor restaurant with a bar on the lower desk and an outdoor bar on the upper deck, where tourists can enjoy beautiful panoramic views in the company of nice people. The crew of the ship makes sure that passengers are having a good time.

The size of Ruschuk is not so impressive: the ship is 23 metres long, 6 metres wide, floats to a depth of 1.30 metres, has a capacity of 300 horsepower, and its maximum speed is 16 km/hour.

The vessel was built seven years ago in a Romanian shipyard in the town of Chernavoda. It was renovated after Valeri Ivanov, current chairman of the board of directors of Dunavski dragazhen flot bought it from a colleague of his and decided to update it and launch it.

There is a professional guide, who tells passengers about the various sights and gives them details about social life in Ruse and the surroundings during the cruises. Ruschuk is provided with modern audio and video equipment, which makes it possible to show the interesting facts related to the history of the region in the most precise way.

At present the vessel is anchored close to the barge, where the Potona restaurant is located.